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This is an area dedicated to matters that need to be considered by the ‘externally’ active & the gardeners of the area with specific reference, but not exclusively, to those that live along the boundary with the Uitkamp Renosterveld & Wetland area. However it is not only such folk, but also those living in the D’Urbanvale community, that will need to take heed.

Uitkamp Tips for the Territory

  1. If you live in a house or have a property that borders the “conservation area” of the Uitkamp Renosterveld & Wetland please ensure that the kikuyu grass, the buffalo grass or any grass that is not the indigenous kweek with which your property has been covered, is prevented from growing into the “conservation area”. All such grasses are aliens & have to be eradicated from the nature “reserve”. Please do your part & limit the spread of the unwanted grass.
  2. Do not allow or encourage your gardening help to dump anything from within your garden space over the wall or the fence as the case may be. Foreign flora are on the NOT WANTED LIST. You don’t want them; the Uitkamp Renosterveld & the Wetland don’t want them – so give them to the municipal collection service either via the bin or by dumping it at the garden waste dump in town.
  3. Please pay attention to those wisps of “foreign” grass that are cut free from your lawns when edging out in the street. Don’t let them get blown away down the road because, either outside your house or someone else’s, they will drop down into the storm water drain & could very easily finish up in the outlets to the Wetland & in so doing , start yet another round of alien infestation in the Wetland. Don’t let them blow through your fence when edging along that section of your garden as that could initiate another growth point of unwanted grass in our precious Renosterveld & Wetland.
  4. Watch your braai activity especially at this time of the year. Sparks will be driven by the S East wind & with the dry period approaching we do not want to have runaway fires in our area that will cause great concern to our neighbours down wind of the fire that you have under control - or should have under control. Make sure that you do have them under control.
  5. Water conservation is a hot topic at the best of times. Why not drive your car on to a grassed area or lawn around the house & wash it there? There are two good reasons for doing this. One is that you will water the lawn & save the water that you would have had to use on that piece of grass &, secondly, you will prevent all that road dirt & brake lining powder from being washed straight into the wetland area as it runs off into your storm water drainage. Makes sense doesn’t it?
  6. Do not encourage the crows by feeding them or leaving enticing bits & pieces lying around which could attract them. They are invaders & are a menace & can bring disease. Not only that, they destroy the populations of young birds & small creatures that we are lucky to have in the Renosterveld & Wetland areas. Please help to keep the crows away. They are such a nuisance that they even interfere with the Fish Eagles that wheel overhead on occasions. They are definitely not welcome here.
  7. If you want to plant plants that you suspect may cause seed spread of an uncontrollable nature, contact Nature Conservation for their considered opinion & recommendation. See the Contacts number listing under “Contacts”
  8. Your attention is drawn to the service that is listed under “Contacts” for the removal of snakes from your garden. Please don’t kill them if they move into your space. Obviously take the appropriate precautions & steps & ring the folk’s who will tell you what to do until they can get to you to remove it to a safe place. Be careful at all times – we have very poisonous snakes in the Western Cape.
  9. Keep a watch out for scorpions as well. No not those – these are the ones that crawl around on the ground & carry big pincers & a very active tail!! They are around, & will sting you if you interfere with them. They can be very poisonous too. Watch out when gardening & moving the things that can be a nice hideaway for them. That is where they can lurk & they do seem to like entering garages as well. Be on the look out please.
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