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Dear Residents

It is with great pleasure that the committee can announce that D’Urbanvale now has an official webpage. Mr. Deon Pretorius ( Mobile: 076 450 7693) who is a resident of D’Urbanvale has very kindly designed and spent a lot of time and energy in getting our great web site in place. Features have been inserted which we hope will be of benefit to the community. We need your comments and feedback. Please click on all the features. If you have an opinion log onto the different forums and express yourself! If you are looking to buy, sell, swap or advertise to the community, it is just a click away (look at the discussion forum for details.) You are even able to buy your pre-paid electricity and pay your bills on-line.

D’Urbanvale is very privileged to have an environment forum headed up by Mr. Mike Yoell who has been the driving force to have the Uitkamp and Renosterveld Wetlands put on the map as it were. Read all about it on the environmental link. As residents we are currently experiencing some burning issues regarding the traffic through our community. You have a platform on the web to express your views. Use it!

Please bear in mind that we have just launched this site and there could be features that might have been overlooked. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated. This is a community forum page so please let’s keep it that way.

The committee would also like to take this opportunity to thank those residents who have opened their hearts and contributed to the traffic impact analysis and contributed in general. Also thanks for those who have joined the forum. It shows that we as a community want to strive to live in a reasonable and safe environment. We still have some challenges going forward into the New Year, but with your backing we will achieve our goals. Everyone has the right to a secure and peaceful future. We wish all the residents a very happy festive season. For those traveling over long distances please be careful and arrive back safely. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact any of the committee members. Thanks!

Kind Regards

George Sieraha

Chairman D’Urbanvale Forum.

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Join the D'Urbanvale residents forum.

Click on the 'download' link below to download an application form to join the D'Urbanvale residents forum.
This application form needs to be completed to become an actual member of the D'Urbanvale residents forum and thereby offering your help and support (and assist us in bringing you forums to express yourself like this web site.)
Completion of the form is not compulsory to in order register on the web site (which is free and allows you full access to the site) but helps us to bring the resident's concerns and issues to the fore. Become involved today !
Contact any of the committee members listed on the 'Contacts' page to receive details on where to send your application form and arrange for payment (from only R20.)

Your support is appreciated !

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